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Healthcare Revenue Strategies Overview

Healthcare Revenue Strategies (HRS) was founded on the belief that in today’s environment many healthcare organizations are lacking the proper services and tools to effectively manage and maximize their revenues. Increasing complexities in claims coupled with HIPAA regulations have limited the performance of healthcare organizations.

Since 2003, HRS has provided revenue cycle assessments, consulting, implementation services, and tools to aid healthcare organizations utilizing MEDITECH in the effective management of revenues, claim generation and remittance analysis. HRS is dedicated to delivering leading solutions that will help enable our clients to achieve their competitive and operational goals in the area of Revenue Efficiency.  Our clients are not merely ‘customers’ but rather Partners.

Revenue Efficiency

Healthcare Revenue Strategies (HRS) is dedicated to aiding healthcare organizations achieve optimum Revenue Efficiency. We define Revenue Efficiency as the highly efficient and accurate generation of claims, generated at the maximum allowable amounts, coupled with timely and seamless remittance processing and analysis.

HRS launched RemitWeb in 2009 which is the Leading Denial Management Software in the Industry. RemitWeb is a Denial Management software application that helps healthcare organizations rapidly locate and recover lost revenue within their denials. The RemitWeb Denial Management Solution provides highly accurate, real-time remittance management and control. RemitWeb’s reporting and trending functionality allows you to identify issues and take corrective actions while greatly improving your Revenue Efficiency.

Our Consulting & Implementation Services Include:

HRS provides assessments, consulting, implementation services and tools to aid healthcare organizations in the effective management of revenues, claim generation and remittance analysis.

Our team of experienced Revenue Cycle Professionals have been providing expert application, project management, and consulting services to the Healthcare sector for twenty years. We bring our knowledge, expertise and professionalism to your organization.

True Revenue Efficiency is a discipline that is followed throughout the Healthcare organization. The efforts required are well worth the numerous benefits:

  • Increases in revenue
  • Reductions in denials and partial payments
  • Improved A/R days
  • Reimbursement amounts are higher for the same level of services

Ongoing Support

HRS Clients enjoy the peace of mind that they are supported by a team of seasoned Revenue Cycle Technical Experts.

Unlike other vendors, our entire team is comprised of industry experts that understand your business challenges. Each team member has years of experience working as Revenue Cycle Professionals in hospital and consulting settings, as well in HCIS Vendor settings.

Our support structure allows for unparalleled aid on any issue, at no additional charge to our client.

Our technical division will respond quickly to issues and maintain constant communication until the issue is resolved.

Custom requests:

HRS is happy to address custom requests, and does not charge any additional fee for this service. Our approach is simple: if one client needs it, all clients may need it, so many custom requests are incorporated into the standard application. Most of our competitors charge a significant fee for any customizations.

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