RemitWeb™ Online

RemitWeb™ Online

RemitWeb is a Denial Management software application that helps healthcare organizations rapidly locate and recover lost revenue within their denials.


  • Provides the most comprehensive reports and analysis covering your hospitals entire denial management process
  • Provides the most detail of any system – allowing you to quickly flush out the “root cause” of denials
  • Is backed by revenue cycle experts who understand your business challenges

The RemitWeb Denial Management Solution provides highly accurate, real-time remittance management and control. RemitWeb’s reporting and trending functionality allows you to identify issues and take corrective actions while greatly improving your Revenue Efficiency.


  • Remittance files from any payer are easily imported, summarized and indexed into a relational database.
  • Information is stored permanently for short and long-term analysis and trending.
  • Review a summary of any remittance with just a couple of clicks; instantly see the number of Claims, Total Charges, Total Payments,  Total Adjustments and Total Denials.
  • Reporting is comprehensive yet easy to use and understand. Numerous standard reports are included.
  • Custom queries are fast and intuitive. Search for specific denial codes, adjustment codes, service dates and more.
  • Data from your HCIS can easily be imported and linked to your remittance files to provide additional reportable information.

We have combined the HRS reports with our Contract management underpayment tools to identify significant amounts in inappropriate underpayments/denials for our Managed Care contracts.  For one payer we were able to identify a system issue the payer was not even aware of.

Within hours,  the team was able to identify patterns of issues by payer, clinical department and category.  We were able to create a work list of top denials and areas that we could immediately improve.   I can’t stress the progress we have been able to make with the HRS reporting and templates.


Mary Guarino

Director of Revenue Integrity, Elliot Health Systems

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