RemitWeb™ Online

RemitWeb™ Online

RemitWeb is a Denial Management software application that healthcare organizations may utilize to rapidly locate and recover lost revenue within the spectrum of their denials, no matter how comprehensive. It is a tool that is extremely effective in resolving ongoing issues when they are the most manageable and engineered to integrate responsiveness, efficiency and accuracy into Denial Management.


• Provides the most comprehensive and clearly expressed reports and analyses that allow your hospital’s entire denial management process to be quickly interpreted and resolve costly or wasteful issues

• Elicits every detail of any system in a user-friendly format— allowing your in-house analysts to quickly flush out the “root cause” of denials that may be corrected in a timely manner before they become bigger problems

• Provides you with the backing of our revenue cycle experts and, because they understand your business challenges and the nuances of RemitWeb, will work closely with you in reaching denial management solutions

• Equips your healthcare organization with highly accurate, real-time remittance management and control through our acclaimed and innovative RemitWeb Denial Management software solution

• Allows you to identify issues, following up with appropriate corrective actions, through RemitWeb’s reporting and trending functionality. This greatly enhances your Revenue Efficiency, ensuring claims are paid on behalf of your most important resource— your patients 

The RemitWeb Denial Management Solution provides highly accurate, real-time remittance management and control. RemitWeb’s reporting and trending functionality allows you to identify issues and take corrective actions while greatly improving your Revenue Efficiency.


  • Remittance and Payment Management is a priority and that means files from any direct or third-party payer are conveniently imported, summarized and indexed into a database that is maybe be easily and expertly analyzed.
  • The information is always there as long as you need it for both short- and long-term analysis. That means you can evaluate what is trending within your remittance system, no matter how extensive or inclusive, compare to external trends and respond quickly and efficiently to stay a step ahead.
  • You’ll need only a couple of clicks to review and analyze an electronic summary of any remittance, and it will all be there: Claims, Total Charges, Total Payments, Total Adjustments and Total Denials.
  • Even though the reporting of the data may be comprehensive, you can count on it to be easy to use and understand. Numerous standard reports are there whether you are looking for an enlightening overview or a more detailed breakdown in order to understand the nuances of denial management issues within your system.
  • When it comes to custom queries, RemitWeb software promises results that are fast and intuitive. Whether you search for specific denial codes, adjustment codes, service dates or third-party source, it can get you where you want to go.
  • Data from your Health Care Information System (HCIS) may be easily imported and linked to RemitWeb remittance files for additional reportable information in a format that won’t confuse or frustrate you.

Remember that no matter how much you rely on the software you’ll always have HRS professionals backing you up and, most importantly, responsive to your needs and demands when it comes to your denial management questions and concerns.

We have combined the HRS reports with our Contract management underpayment tools to identify significant amounts in inappropriate underpayments/denials for our Managed Care contracts.  For one payer we were able to identify a system issue the payer was not even aware of.

Within hours,  the team was able to identify patterns of issues by payer, clinical department and category.  We were able to create a work list of top denials and areas that we could immediately improve.   I can’t stress the progress we have been able to make with the HRS reporting and templates.


Mary Guarino

Director of Revenue Integrity, Elliot Health Systems

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